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If you want to be involved in our grassroots campaigning you can sign up to volunteer! There are a number of different ways to volunteer for the campaign.

Regional Campaign Hubs

We've set up teams across the country for you to get involved in! Whether you're a highschool student, a community leader or just someone who's keen to help out, we want you in our teams! We've built them around your communities so that it's increadibly easy for you to get involved. From running events to chatting with your MPs, you will be a part of a movement that is driving a historic change for our democracy from the ground up. 

If you don't find a regional campaign hub where you're based feel free to contact us so that we can start setting something up with you in your community!

Join the movement and become a volunteer by signing up below!

Thanks for submitting, keep an eye out in your inbox for more details.

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