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If you want to be involved in our grassroots campaigning you can sign up to volunteer! There are a number of different ways to volunteer for the campaign.

Regional Campaign Hubs

We're setting up regional hubs across the country. We currently have hubs in Auckland and Wellington and we're building up more hubs in other regions too like Canterbury and Northland. Regional hubs focus on local campaigning and work to build relationships and support in their local communities.


Our Communications team is central to our campaign, and works on a variety of aspects of the campaign, from messaging and communications, to graphic design and multi-media work. Some of our communications team also work with volunteers to support them in sharing and spreading our message.

Volunteer Support

Our Volunteer Support team helps create resources and opportunities for our volunteers across the motu. This team aims to make the work we do easier, but also ensure that our volunteers take something tangible away from our campaign.

Policy & Legal

The Policy and Legal team liaises with our lawyers on the status of our legal challenge against the current voting age. They also work with Ministries, Central Government and other agencies on issues of concern. Sometimes these organisations will ask us to collect submissions on policy changes from young people and we often engage in this work. This team also handles the political advocacy of the campaign and helping decide the best way to engage different parts of Parliament to further our mission.

Join the movement and become a volunteer by signing up below!

Thanks for submitting, keep an eye out in your inbox for more details.

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