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The Independent Electoral Law Review

The Independent Electoral Review has been established by the Minister of Justice to review New Zealand’s electoral law to make election rules “clearer and fairer for current and future generations” - this includes the consideration of lowering the voting age.

Made up of independent experts in New Zealand’s election system, the review has recommended in its interim report that the voting age be lowered to 16. This comes just two weeks after Parliament’s Justice Select Committee recommended the voting age for local elections be lowered to 16.

We want you to be able to have your say! Using this submissions platform, you'll be able to craft your own submission in less than 5 minutes in order to tell the panel how you feel about this recommendation.


In doing so we are able to ensure that they listen to a wide range of New Zealanders so that their final report comes back with decisions that are representative of our vision for New Zealand's democracy! 

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