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Decisions that affect us, issues that determine the course of our life, are not being decided by us, or our generation. We are systemically being excluded from a democracy that seeks to create a world that we have to fix. Therefore, we need the vote, we deserve the vote and we will get the vote.

The best thing anyone can do to get involved is sign our petition. If you haven't already please make sure to do that here.

We also have a number of other places you can get involved in the campaign. Check out those areas below.

Regional Campaign Hubs

We're setting up regional campaign hubs in Auckland and Wellington, and we're soon hoping to expand into other regions around the country. These teams work together to deliver our campaigns messaging in the regions.

This involves building off existing relationships and creating new ones and building a solid network of supporters (both young and old) throughout the regions of Aotearoa.


Our Communications team is central to our campaign, and works on a variety of aspects of the campaign, from messaging and communications, to graphic design and multi-media work. Some of our communications team also work with volunteers to support them in sharing and spreading our message.

Volunteer Support

Our Volunteer Support team helps create resources and opportunities for our volunteers across the motu. This team aims to make the work we do easier, but also ensure that our volunteers take something tangible away from our campaign.

Policy & Legal

The Policy and Legal team liaises with our Lawyers on the status of our legal challenge against the current voting age. They also work with Ministries, Central Government and other agencies on issues of concern. Sometimes these organisations will ask us to collect submissions on policy changes from young people and we often engage in this work. This team also handles the political advocacy of the campaign and helping decide the best way to engage different parts of Parliament to further our mission.

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Meet some of our team!

and hear why they're volunteering for Make It 16!

Mia Rennie

I got involved with Make It 16 because I had no representation. As a young disabled person I always see decisions that directly impact me being made with no input from people I can relate to. How can these decisions positively impact people like me when we have no part in making them? Discussions about tax, education, healthcare, climate change, and other issues need youth voice, especially when these are issues that directly impact certain youth communities. Voices are powerful and I wanted to have mine heard.

Caitlin Taylor

I joined Make It 16 in 2020 when my 18th birthday fell two days short of the original election day. Even though I’d be studying, working, paying tax, using transport, paying rent and beginning to play my role as an “adult citizen” in the next 3 years, I couldn’t have a say on who was running the country and calling the shots on things that would affect me. I couldn’t vote on who would represent my needs and wants, and neither could others. I realised how unjust this was, I knew I needed to do something. So I joined Make It 16!

Sanat Singh

To me, lowering the voting age is about representation but it's also about a whole lot more. As young people we are faced with incredible challenges that we don't have the power to fix right now. Every young person knows what it looks like to be denied quality mental health care. Every young person knows what it feels like to be burdened by an education system that is outdated and ineffective. Every young person recognises the impending challenge of climate change and the burden we will have to carry. If we we want a future for young people, we need to give them the power to shape it, today. That's why I want to lower the voting age.

Michael Howell

In 2020 I voted for the first time and it was an incredibly interesting experience. I went to the polling location with a few friends and each of us cast our very first ballots. With two relatively consequential referendums on the table as well as the future of Aotearoa with COVID still lurking in the community playing on my mind, I felt empowered that I could play a small part in making decisions that would impact both me and my community. As a community organiser working with young people every day, I had discussed with many young people these issues prior to the election, and having had those discussions I can't give you one reason that those young people should not have been able to vote, and it's for that reason that I believe that we need to extend the voting age.